SunKyoung S.T Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer for EMI shielding conductive product.

Prouct Overview

The Absorber is developed with SUNKYOUNG S.T’s accumulated technologies of magnetic materials, which can eliminate some undesirable noises effectively.

You can solve EMC/EMI problems by simply attaching SUNKYOUNG S.T's Absorber products on the parts causing noise.

Product Photos

  • Absorber


Product Features

• Excellent suppression effect of radiation noise from 10MHz to 13GHz band

• Flexible and easy to handle

• Any shapes, sizes and thickness

• RoHS Compiant

Product Details

SUNKYOUNG S.T's Absorber is used when electromagnetic waves have an negative effect on other components to drive a problem such as malfunction or false signal.

You can solve these problems by simply attaching the products to designated places.

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