SunKyoung S.T Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer for EMI shielding conductive product.

Prouct Overview

The Conductive Tape of Sunkyoung ST is composed of conductive backing and adhesive. The adhesive is available in either conductive or nonconductive. There are various types of tapes such as single-side and double-side tape made of its backing of conductive fabrics or metal(Al, Cu, Ni) foil.

Expecially, Foil Tape is so flexible and light that you can easily apply to various small electronic appliance. In addition, it exhibits excellent shielding effect with low resistance and distinguished conductivity.

Product Photos

  • EMI Shielding Conductive Tape

    EMI Shielding Conductive Tape

Product Features

  • Excellent shielding effectiveness with conductive adhesive
  • Excellent low resistance
  • Excellent adhesion strength and stability
  • Flexible to conveniently attach to various object
  • Adjustable adhesiveness and easy work
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